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Thank you so much for donating to my campaign for the Escondido District 3 Council Seat. It takes a lot to get our message out, and we appreciate your support. If you would like to volunteer for the campaing, please click here. Together we can bring better homes, better jobs & a stronger sense of community to Escondido!

Commited To Making A Difference

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A Public Servant and Leader for Escondido! Dara is a long-time Escondido resident well known for her:  Leadership in the local non-profit sector;  Past chairmanship of the Palomar Health Board of Directors; and  Current service as a trustee of an east Escondido school district (San Pasqual). Like the current District 3 City Council member, Olga Diaz, Dara has an earned reputation as a hard-working, dedicated, and energetic professional.  Dara, like Olga, does her homework before Board meetings.  Just as important, Dara is a good listener.

Education and Family Dara and her husband Richard have been married for 15 years. They have been blessed with two children. Taryn is a middle school student at San Pasqual Union School and Deklan is an elementary school student there also. Dara and Richard both enjoy sports and can be found most weekends watching their kids’ soccer games. They also love traveling with their kids and volunteering in the community. They are members of the Escondido Charitable Foundation, volunteers with the San Diego Humane Society and the San Pasqual Union School Foundation. Dara is also a member of the noon Tuesday Rotary Club. Dara did her undergraduate college work at Providence College, where she received her BA degree in 1991. She pursued and received her MSW degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook with a concentration in Policy, Administration & Research.

Professional Background Following receipt of her Masters degree, Dara began her 25 year career as a nonprofit Executive, focusing on health, education and human services. Her professional commitments have resulted in: Better health outcomes for pregnant and parenting women and their children Greater rates of high school graduation and college success for children from low income families Empowered middle and high school girls making good choices for their education and their lives In addition to an accomplished professional career in service, Dara chose to serve the Escondido and surrounding communities further by running for, and being elected to, the Palomar Health District Board of Directors. During her tenure from 2014 – 2018, Dara is credited with: √  Successfully advocating to preserve patient and family’s legal rights to make end of life decisions, √  Bringing innovative mental health treatment models to Escondido such as the state-of-the-art Crisis Stablization Unit, √  Ensuring Palomar’s collaboration with providers of homeless services so indigent people weren’t returned to the streets of Escondido, √   A savings of $50million to District tax-payers through bond refinancing Dara’s leadership skills and thoughtful approach to the daunting challenges in our community led her colleagues on the Palomar Board to elect her Chairperson for three terms.

Why Is Dara Running For City Council? Dara has a simple vision – HOMES, JOBS & COMMUNITY for Escondido residents. She is committed to using all of her skills and experience to keep Escondido moving forward BY: ENSURING that there is enough safe and affordable housing in the heart of Escondido. She is a supporter of smart housing development that minimizes fire risk and relies on existing water resources and related infrastructure. She will press developers to include more fire safety planning and traffic mitigation into EVERY proposal! ATTRACTING businesses and employers who will contribute to the growth of middle class jobs and job opportunities. She will also promote economic development by streamlining the paperwork process for small businesses; and MAXIMIZING the resources in Escondido that create a strong sense of community for everyone. Whether it’s expanding the Senior, sports and recreation programs, promoting neighborhood watch initiatives, or supporting the expansion of health care services, Escondidans need comprehensive resources in the community they call home.

Please Join Your Neighbors In Voting For Dara For City Council VOTE DARA FOR: Better Homes, Better Jobs & a Stronger Sense Of Community In Escondido!

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Meet Dara Czerwonka

Age: 49

Years living in Escondido:  8 years

Family: Richard Warren- husband; Taryn Warren (age 12) – daughter; Deklan Warren (age 9)  - son

Education: Providence College 1991 BA; State University of New York at Stony Brook 1994 MSW

Prior political offices:

Trustee, Palomar Health District Board of Directors (2014 - 2018)

Board Member, San Pasqual Union Elementary School District (2018 - Present) 

Dara Czerwonka has the credentials to serve with distinction on the Escondido City Council. She brings with her 20 years of public health and human services experience. Dara’s skills as a budget analyst and strategic planner led to her service on a hospital board in Long Beach and earlier to an appointment on a national board dedicated to women’s and infants’ health. 

​Since moving to North County with her family, Dara has served as Executive Director for a successful non-profit, Girls Inc. of San Diego, whose mission is preparing girls and young women for a college education and success in life. Dara's work with Girls Inc. of San Diego was featured in UT-San Diego.

Dara's vision is simple:

  • Work on the City Council and with residents of Escondido to attract industries that increase good jobs and enhance the quality of life in Escondido such as agriculture, tourism and specialty food and beverage commerce (think wineries and craft beer!) Simply put, Escondido needs high quality businesses.
  • Support development that aligns with resident values, improves the quality and quantity of residential choices and enhances the efficiency of Escondido’s service delivery to the community. Escondido needs more quality houses.
  • Improve the livability of our city for families, seniors and young people by ensuring that their needs for safety, health, recreation, culture and democracy stay at the forefront of all policies, city spending and projects. Let’s work together to make Escondido a place where people can work, play, worship and live in health and comfort.