Real, empowering change for veterans in Escondido

Craig and BrianWhen I began campaigning for the District 3 seat on the City Council, I believed, and still do, that what Escondido desperately needs is a reasonable voice on Council. Someone who — without over-identifying with any singular special interest group to the detriment of others — would be an advocate for all residents of this great city. Among those who’d I be most proud to work for, and who need better representation by Escondido – are the veterans of our great country.

I have known many veterans in my life, including my brothers, and my own dad; I’ve had veterans among my friends, and within the clients and patients I have served professionally as a nonprofit CEO. I have lived on military bases in Europe and went to DOD middle schools. I am supported by career-military veteran, Escondido Mayor, Paul McNamara, someone whose background I deeply respect. To every veteran, I feel deep gratitude for your service to our country. As corny as it is, I truly believe that freedom isn’t free, and I am so thankful that there are so many individuals from all walks of life that are brave enough to make this life-altering commitment to others. The sacrifices veterans make both during their time of active service, and throughout the rest of their lives, should be honored with respect, opportunity, and dignity. 

That means that no veteran should ever be forced into homelessness. No veteran should ever wonder where to go for help.

I know there are many issues affecting veterans —  you are a very diverse group.  That’s why it’s important that you know my plans for helping veterans, as a Council member. 

I accept responsibility for looking at issues broadly, but also through a veteran’s lens. I will work to increase the opportunities for expanded health, human services, and housing resources for veterans including adding a veterans’ liaison function in City Hall to help veterans get connected to the organizations dedicated to supporting them. I will work to make small business opportunities more available because veteran-owned businesses are an asset to our community. I will also offer you an open ear and open-door always — please work with me to improve the quality of your lives, and experiences as residents of Escondido. I will work tirelessly for you to make sure your quality of life is one that reflects the honor and respect you so deeply deserve. 

Dara Czerwonka

Escondido City Council, District 3
Escondido, California
FPPC #1418935