My Journey So Far

Following receipt of her Masters degree, Dara began her 25-year career as a nonprofit Executive, focusing on health, education and human services. Her professional commitments have resulted in:

  • Better health outcomes for pregnant and parenting women and their children
  • Greater rates of high school graduation and college success for children from low income families
  • Empowered middle and high school girls making good choices for their education and their lives

In addition to an accomplished professional career in service, Dara chose to serve Escondido (and surrounding communities) further by running and being elected to the Palomar Health District Board of Directors. During her tenure from 2014 – 2018, Dara is credited with:

  • Successfully advocating to preserve patient and family’s legal rights to make end of life decisions
  • Bringing innovative mental health treatment models to Escondido such as the state-of-the-art Crisis Stablization Unit
  • Ensuring Palomar’s collaboration with providers of homeless services so indigent people weren’t returned to the streets of Escondido
  • A savings of $50 million to District taxpayers through bond refinancing.
Dara Czerwonka

Escondido City Council, District 3
Escondido, California
FPPC #1418935